Premier Components UK Ltd is a family business based in the central part of the UK at Stratford upon Avon and we are full line core brokers, working with passenger car, light and heavy commercial products that we buy and sell on a global basis. As full line core suppliers we are proud that we strength in all products that we have within our portfolio.  The vision statement of the company is “To bring greater value to our customers” be they large or small and it is within this that we work and strive every day to improve. Due to the nature of business the definition of customers also extends to include our valued suppliers. We are arguably now the largest core broker in Europe and are continuing to grow every year with a large emphasis placed on developing our employees, buying to need the customer requirements in terms of quality, price, range of variants and volume.

Whilst the prime business of Premier Components is it’s involved with core, we do also deal with new material that we look sell through into the trade as opposed to the general public. In addition and whilst it is still small we do have a growing business involved with the sale of a range of new turbocharger components in support of our customers. Through the continuing development of all aspects of the business Premier Components has been operating its ELVPP system with selected partners and it continues to look to work with more approved partners in the UK, France and Ireland.

If you require any more information on what benefits can be derived from our ELVPP system for your dismantling business then please visit our website, http://www.elvpp.com or contact keith.beard@premiercore.com for further information.

Contact: Keith Beard

Tel: +44(0)1789 721010